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"I want to be like the teacher who scares the crap out of everyone the first day/week of school but ultimately is the most respected and appreciated in the end because you learned the most from them. Respect given and earned. “Hard” but not cold-hearted!"

Coach Katie

About 4.5 years ago, after my 4th child was born, I found an opportunity to earn credits at a CrossFit gym by working in the child care. It didn’t take me long before I asked the owner/coach how I should be eating for the exercise regimen. I was scheduled with a consultation and learned about macros and how to use a food tracking app to see how many calories I was actually consuming. My second month in I was embarrassed. I had not made as much progress as my first month. Instead of focusing on that, I was encouraged, being told that most people would have just canceled and not come back, but I was ahead by choosing to show up anyways.


I had no real weight loss goal at that time, but after losing on average 5 pounds/month, I made it a goal to be down 30 pounds by the end of the year (6 months). After crushing that goal, I took a break to focus on half marathon training. I was able to maintain my weight loss during this time. After my race, I started working with a certified nutrition coach to lose “the last 10 pounds” and ultimately lost 20. My fitness skyrocketed with PR performances and the confidence to try sports outside my comfort zone. I then transitioned into a 3 month bulking/strength training period to add strength and muscle mass. I became hooked on seeing how much nutrition plays a role in physical appearance and performance.


I decided I wanted to help others achieve what I had. I wanted to educate clients on the science of nutrition and fueling the body for their aesthetic and performance goals, but mostly to stop the nonsense of fad diets that often times deplete essential nutrients for overall health. I’ve been blessed with multiple different communities and preach community as a huge asset towards success. I hope to help educate, encourage, and empower others to be the best whole healthy self they can be and inspire them to pass on the education to help eliminate fad diet culture. 



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